A Look at 2019 Analytics News Which Will Impact in 2020

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Analytics is getting on interesting roads in year 2020 with some big news which came in 2019. Here we take a look at few select such news and talk about it.


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Show Notes

Welcome to first episode of my podcast series “Analytics on air”. Here, I will be talking about various topics from the field of Data Analytics including hot news, insights, interviews and product presentations and tool evaluations.

As per wikipedia, Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. What does that mean: It means there are 3 important sections when it comes to analytics:

  • Computing - required for consuming data for discovery of patterns
  • Data science - required for identificatoin and interpretation of patterns in data
  • Visualization - necessary for comminication of meanings found from the pattern

What we can do with each of these defines the future of this industry.

Computing is where we do our analytics, and it is dominated by big companies lead by Amazon with it’s AWS and followed (closely in some areas) by Microsoft’s Azure, Google’s Google Cloud Platform GCP and others. There are also big players for on premise computing, likes of IBM, HP and Dell do have strong servers for any datacenter.

Cloud computing additionally brings in serverless services like Google’s Dataflow, Dataproc, Bigquery or Amazon’s Redshift, EMR, Sagemaker, or Azure’s Data lake, Databricks, etc.. These services are also pivotal in shaping the future of Analytics industry.

Second component of Analytics is Data science. It is how we do the things with the data we have. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have reached to new heights and new ways of exploring data are always comping up.

Python and R are widely used and there are also tools around it. Spark, Knime, Talend, Pentaho, Domo, all these tools are capable of doing ETL and more with their cloud connectivity.

The third part of visualization of the analytics itself. There are various players in this sector - some are innovatively new and many are old ones. This sector is dominated by the traditional Business Intelligence companies who are also ever improving to comsume the data and show up the actionable insights to the user. Tableau, Microstrategy, Cognos, Tibco, SAP, Qlikview, Vega, PowerBI, Looker and many more are available to explore.

That was a brief about broader term Analytics.

Today’s podcast is divided in couple of sections. First, I will go through some interesting news from Analytics field which dominated year 2019. Later, we will take a look at one of the tools from the field of Analytics.

So, in news:

Analytics has got onto interesting roads in year 2020 with some big news which came in 2019.

The biggest news in terms of dollars was Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau for $15.7 billion.

The impact of this deal is aptly and rightly described by techcrunch: With Tableau and MuleSoft (a company it bought last year for $6.5 billion) in the fold, Salesforce has a much broader view of the enterprise than it could as a pure cloud company. It has access to data wherever it lives, whether on premises or in the cloud, and with Tableau, it enables customers to bring that data to life by visualizing it.

Google to acquire Looker for $2.6 billion. Looker is a hot property in the city of analytics and Google is.. Google. Data is Google’s bread and butter as well as strong point and they also have a ever evolving cloud platform, so with Looker’s acquisition, Google gets a good customer base to upsell.

A smaller but notable deal took place betweek Qlik and Attunity where Qlik Acquires Attunity for $560 million. Qlik is a leader in data analytics, and Attunity is one of the a leading providers of data integration and big data management software solutions. The unified force of these two companies gives Qlik an expanded breadth of enterprise data management capabilities and adds an experienced team of data professionals to its team.

An interesting merger is the mega merger of Cloudera and Hortonworks. Both these companies are very similar to each other as both are leading bigdata platform providers. Both were red hot once few years back. Now both are struggling with same problems too. So the merger will allow new company to expand the customer base with best of themselves and combined focus on solving problems they face, some of which are common.

The third major bigdata platform provider MapR has been long struggling and it has finally sold its assets to Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). This deal is expected to provide HP with strong expertize in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), which MapR developed into their portfolio of support and services.

Last but not the least, I want to highlight Splunk’s acquisition of SignalFx for $1.05 billion. Splunk is known for its data processing capabilities and SignalFx provides real-time cloud monitoring solutions, predictive analytics and more. The acquisition will strengthen Splunk’s solutions in the cloud space as it expands its support for cloud-native applications. It would position Splunk as a leader in monitoring and observability at massive scale for enterprises.

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