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Analytics on Air podcast - has News and Podcast on Technology, Data Analytics, Data Science and Visualization. It is a place to listen to Analytics on Air podcast by Dhanesh where one learns about News from Analytics field, new technologies and share knowledge. You will learn about range of things from guests who have done it and know it. Subscripe using your favorite podcast app from below links. Check our youtube channel for supporting videos and demos. I am Dhanesh, your host at Analytics on Air.

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Podcast's main intent is to share knowledge. If you want to be our guest on podcast or want to be a co-host or host on your own on the BabaGyan podcast, please write to use an email at Contact@BabaGyan.com!


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Dhanesh is software engineer, data architect and an expert in BI Analytics field. He has deep understanding and inclination towards web and mobile technologies, and has curious nature towards world finance and news affecting it. He also has an unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who, Avengers, and other Marvel movies.