A way of Respecting Past with start of journey to the future!

Posted on Friday, Jan 1, 2021 by

You learn things with years passing by. You learn how to read better, how to write better and how to communicate better using different mediums.

I had bunch of posts written long time back, which were mostly lost since 2018 or so. I was able to find some posts from 2013-2015 and I thought why not start my renewed journey of content creation by making those posts for everyone, again. Once these are on the website, then I would be even happier to take more steps on my new journey of content creation.

Below is the list of posts from archive I was able to make use of. I have also kept the UI and all other items as-is so I could see myself what I was doing during that time with bootstrap and angularjs.

I hope this blog post can link all those posts and also allow the SEO and web crawlers to catch these pages for anyone searching for it.

Bunch of new items - podcasts, blogs and also videos will be coming during next few months of 2021. So please, visit again.