CLT20 2013 Twitter Analysis of League

CLT20 2013 Twitter Analysis of League

CLT20 just concluded with Mumbai Indians winning the trophy. Congratulation!!!! Mumbai take the double of the IPL and Champions League title the same year. Chennai Super Kings did it in 2010.
Sachin Tendulkar completed 50000 Runs in Cricket... AWESOME!!!
Here is how the Twitter world was discussing the different topics in Champions Trophy T20 this year (2013).

Click here to find a graphical picture of the tweets during CLT20 2013. Total list of topics are here.
This is our very own Social Media Bigdata project using Twitter Firehose - Live Tweets. There were about 300 to 1000 tweets analysed Live per second during the matches.


Babagyan CLT20 2013 Analysis

This is How it works at the technical level.

The twitter data is loaded in to the Analytics server by using Python program. This ocean of tweets is kept into the BabaGyan Gyankund (knowledge base) for further analysis.
Then another program (R with Python) scans the GyanKund tweets and uses its Intelligence to find the relevance and then sends it to database and web server.
The database is then accessed by's Analytics page to show analysis results in text and graphical format.

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