ETL BI BigData Past Future

ETL BI BigData Past Future

Earlier, many a man years ago, there were only financial application that were used to perform transactions and log data into the database. Then came the applications to cater needs of Industries and hence begun the big volume data storage, backups and history in form of data. It was prominent even in case of financial applications, but not so visible because Financial firms were not as BIG as Industries.
The applications for industry got the term such as ERP.
Now, arise the question, why to store loads and loads of data? Can that be brought to some use? and How? This was the inception of Business Intelligence and an obvious process of Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL).

This has, from a long time, resulted in many technologies and also jobs in the field of ETL and BI.

Now, after being a niche field for so many years, ETL + BI field has entered a transformation with addition of Big Data compliments.
The transformation has been the result of many things - Internet, discovery of various data sources in various formats such as machine logs, social website data, network logs. Then, there has been huge progress in the field on in-memory database processing and cloud computing making analysis of unbelievably huge data possible.

What was ETL and Bi is now ETL + BI + BigData + Data Mining + Data Analytic + so on and on.....

Here is a list of technologies - incomplete list but a list never-the-less
1. Technologies such as SAP BW (SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence), SAP BO (SAP Business Objects/ Business Intelligence 4.0), Xcelsius, SAP HANA from ERP leaders SAP,
2. Oracle reports, Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle forms, Oracle WareHouse Builder from database leaders Oracle
3. Infosphere DataStage, Cognos from mighty IBM
4. SQL Server services - SSIS. SSRS. SSAS as a part of MSBI from Microsoft
5. TeraData, SAS, Ab Initio, Microstrategy,
6. Latest in the area - Tableau, QlikView, Spotfire (Tibco), Sybase IQ, Siebel,
7. Technologies like R systems, Python, Php - all are also becoming a part of new form of ETL + BI + BigData

Soon, you will see some more projects demonstration on on BigData, Data Mining, Text Mining and many more. Stay tuned.

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