Pros and Cons of Gmail displaying images in your emails

Pros and Cons of Gmail displaying images in your emails

The news from GMail is that the Google's Gmail service will finally show images by default in emails. This has been done by serving all the images users receive on its Gmail's proxy servers, instead of serving them from external host servers.

Usually the external images are not secured and hence are not displayed directly in emails. By hosting it on GMail's proxy server, GMail is making sure that the images are virus free.

In a post on the official Gmail blog, the company said: "Your messages are more safe and secure, your images are checked for known viruses or malware."

The new Gmail functionality will begin rolling out Thursday to the Web; Gmail mobile apps will get an update early next year.

Here is an interesting thing I would like to check on - the email marketing teams usually use images to track if the email was read by the user or not. Now that the images will be on GMail servers and displayed to user by default, the tracking may be more correct.
Earlier, I believe, that without the click on "Display Images Below", it would have been difficult for trackers to check if email was actully read or not on GMail.

Also, you can change the setting to "Display Images Below" option by using General Settings of GMail.


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