QlikView Licensing - an Overview

QlikView Licensing - an Overview

QlickView is an visualization and Dashboarding tool along with its own system.
There is a lot of confusion on how exactly QlikView provides licensing. Organizations take up trainings with QlikView and then they are told about it. I though it would be nice to know thing free of cost on internet.

There are basically 4 types of QlikView license

QlikView Personal Edition:
The QlikView Personal Edition allows you to create QlikView documents using available free source connections. Free, as in, the connectors for which all sources are free. Example: SAP conncetor will need additional purchase. The documents created on one Personal Edition can only be worked upon on same edition/machine. You cannot create it at one place and edit at other. It is, by all means, Personal.

QlikView Desktop Edition:
The QlikView Desktop Edition is for a small organization who does not want any server but does need multiple people work on same QlikView document. Sharing of documents is allowed.

QlikView Enterprise Edition:
The QlikView Enterprise Edition is for organizations which need to have a central place for development and update of QlikView documents. Consider this as central repository of all the developments. Here, all users have access to same set of data in QlikView documents.

QlikView Publisher:
The QlikView Publisher is an addition to QlikView enterprise. It enables having end users access only certain amount of data from QlikView documents stored on Enterprise server. The amount of data is manager by roles and restrictions.

There is also a thing called "License lease" where an Enterprise can manage which all QLikView Desktops can connect to the central server.

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