Review Google Moto X

Review Google Moto X

I happen to read about this and I was super excited. For all those who think that Android from Samsung is best option but is too common while other tier 1 android phone sellers are not so exciting - here is your pick.
Yeah, surely, nothing wrong in HTC and Sony. Personally, I love the look of Sony Xperia Z while HTC One is super cool. Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy tab 2 are market leaders for pretty good reasons too.
But Moto X just seems like something else altogether.

Let me start with the specifications as per the internet

Screen is 4.7-inch with 316 pixels per inch, and offers 720p video,

1.7Ghz snapdragon processor (whoa... whats new in this... WAIT FOR IT).
It also has Adreno 320 GPU, a natural language processor and a contextual computing processor.
While the first two are standard features in all smartphones, the remaining two are exclusive to Motorola and help create a better user experience by processing information better.

Strong points:
Highly customizable design with endless options built for maximum comfort.
Google allows personal signature on back panel along with colour combination choice and camera ring & back panel color choice from a big range of colors.

Speedy camera - faster than others as claimed by Google. 10MP camera with ClearPixel technology.
This new technology allows 75% more light to enter, thus producing better low light pictures. Quick Capture feature, which gets activated when you jerk your wrist twice while holding the phone.
This opens the camera app and then you can take an image by touching anywhere on the screen, instead of being restricted to the Capture button.

Futuristic voice command capabilities with Google Now. It is supposed to initiate when you say "Okay, Google Now".
I am so eager to use this for something or the either. Its the Touchless control.
Well-merged design that hits the sweet spot between screen size and comfort.
The phone has great battery life too.

Weak points: Storage is the phone's biggest weakness - there's no expandable storage. Just 16GB in the $199 model (the 32GB Moto costs $50 more)
Also, with the kind of smartphones coming up - this piece will look like the one with the smaller screen and its not an iphone to have reasons for smaller screen size.

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