SSIS Exercise 02

SSIS Exercise 02

Create SSIS packages and Data sources
We will create two project data sources, which will be used in your packages as the source and the destination.
Start SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), open the project you created in Exercise 1, SSIS Project, and then open Solution Explorer (if it is not already displayed).
You can open Solution Explorer by clicking the Solution Explorer button on the Standard toolbar.
In Solution Explorer, right-click the Data Sources folder, and then click New Data Source. When the Welcome page of the Data Source Wizard appears, click Next.

On the Select How To Define The Connection page, select Create A Data Source Based On An Existing Or New Connection.
Click New to open the Connection Manager dialog box.
In the Provider drop-down list, select the Native OLE DB\SQL Server Native Client 10 provider and click OK. Type (local) in the Server Name field.
In the Select Or Enter A Database Name drop-down list, select AdventureWorks2008. (AdventureWorks2008 is free to download and use database available on MS website)

Click the Test Connection button, and then click OK. Click OK again to close the Connection
Manager dialog box.
Select the (local).AdventureWorks2008 data connection in the Data Connections list, and then click Finish in the Data Source Wizard.

The Completing The Wizard page prompts you to enter a name for the new project data source. Type AdventureWorks2008 in the Data Source Name box, and then click Finish. Be sure to remove the space between Adventure and Works2008R2.

Next, repeat steps 2 to 9 to create a new project data source for the (local).Adventure- WorksDW2008R2 database, and name this data source AdventureWorksDW2008R2.

When you are finished creating the data sources, click the Save All button on the BIDS toolbar.

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