Usage of Hadoop

Usage of Hadoop's framework in industry - applicable to any of the industry.

Hadoop was originally conceived to solve the problem of storing large quantities of data at a very low cost even for the biggies like Google, Facebook or Yahoo. Low cost implementation of something which new and planned to be used often is very important.

Analytic applications are main output of Hadoop while the application categories can be broadly clubbed into three to four buckets.

1. Refine the data

Irrespective of the verticle/domain, the Hadoop is being used to refine large quantities of data into informational data which is more manageable. The resulting data is loaded into the existing systems and can be simply accessed by traditional tools. Note that this new set of data is much richer than the earlier existing data set.

2. Analysis of Data

Data Analysis' use case can often be where enterprises start by capturing data that was previously being discarded (exhaust data such as web logs, social media data, etc.). This data can be clubbed with other data and can be used to build more applications that uses the trends found in this data to make decisions.

3. Enhancement of applications

Existing applications (web or desktop or mobile) can be further enhanced by use of the data which Hadoop can provide. This can be used to provide user with better service which is customized so that the user comes to them instead of the competitor. Simply understanding of user patterns can achieve this for companies.

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