Ways to create a website

Ways to create a website - Parts of a Website and alternative ways for each part

This is a general question that comes to minds of anyone who want to create an online portfolio or someone running a business and wanting to take it to the web or even to any person curios about Internet.
What are the ways in which websites are made or can be made?

To answer this in most simple way - Many!!! You probably guessed it too. And Yes!! BabaGyan.com helps you in each of these ways of website development.

Coming back, do not worry, I am not going to stop with this answer. I will brief through some of the most popular and some of the most advance ways of website creation.

There are basically 3 parts of any website - the domain name, the user interface and the server processes. The domain name is the name of the website such as BabaGyan.com which is purchased by any Registrar. The User Interface and server processes can be separately programmed and deployed on a Website Host.

Then comes the User Interface which can be developed in many options too - like HTML, HTML5, HTML with CSS, Flash, HTML with .Net, HTML with Java, Javascripts, etc.

And then comes the Server process which run on something popularly known as a webserver in combination with a database server optional. The complexity of the webserver depends on the complexity of the things that website should perform.

These complexities provides many alternatives of Host for your website. Host is a computer/server which stores your User interface and server files and executes them for you and eventually makes your Website LIVE.

There are many big and small players in hosting and domain registration. Cost and Complexity drive the choices. Most simple web hosting can be a blog which is mostly free. Most complex kind of hosting can be webserver using cloud computing technology.

Examples of blogs are BabaGyan.com/GyanKund and blog technologies are blogger.com and wordpress.com and many more. Web hosting is also provided by many free as well as paid web hosting companies like GoDaddy.com and BlueHost.com. Whereas, Amazon Web Services aws.amazon.com and Heroku.com are examples of Cloud computing technologies which can be used for website hosting too.

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